Why Should We Celebrate Columbus Day? Essays

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Why should we celebrate Columbus Day? Think about it this way. How many

people actually do take the time to celebrate Columbus Day? As stated by an analysis by

Vox, only fifteen percent of private workers take the day off. Only twenty-two states

recognize Columbus Day as an actual holiday, which is nearly half of the country. Think

about it, only half the country celebrating something a holiday. We don’t consider the

Super Bowl a holiday do we? No, we shouldn’t celebrate anything if only half of

America is celebrating. We shouldn’t be wasting our time on holidays that won’t even

matter in the end. Columbus may have recorded that he “found” America, but he was a

mass murderer.

Berkeley originally replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day back

in 1992. Seattle just replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day, which

replaces it, changing a celebration of colonialism into an opportunity to reveal historical

truths about the oppression and genocide of indigenous people in the Americas. This idea

was born back in 1977 at a conference in Geneva, Switzerland based on the

discrimination of indigenous populations in America. And now October 12 is a “Day of

Solidarity with Indigenous People”. Which will eventually take “Columbus Day” and

eventually will change to “Indigenous People’s Day” South Dakota, Alabama, Hawaii,

and some other cities have already changed the name of this holiday.

We should not celebrate Columbus Day because…

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