Why Should Students Take Science Classes Essay

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Students are required to take General Ed classes along with required core classes towards their major to meet degree or graduation expectations. Not only is that time consuming, but it also creates more debt. In “The Overworked Bachelor’s Degree Needs a Makeover,” Jeffrey Selingo states that “Every student is required to spend months and years in a classroom to collect the 120 credits typically necessary to receive his or her diploma, piling up debt and forgoing the important experiential learning that students and employers find so valuable.” Therefore, why should students take science classes if their major is English, when they can take more diverse English classes and not abandon the experiences that are more profitable for the student and future employers? Employers are more likely to hire someone who is more experienced in a specific field. Therefore, General Ed classes should be based per individual degrees, to help with basic knowledge that you can use in your everyday life and to help those that are more interested in getting certified for job experience. General Ed classes can help mold students to be more respective in their branch of knowledge if they were required to take more courses associated with their major, but not when they are being pressured to take layers of education that are irrelevant to their major. According to Elise Martorano, in “General Education Should Not Be Required” she makes clear that, “Students should not be forced to choose between…

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