Parents Vaccinate Children Essay

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Should Parents Vaccinate Their Child ?

One of the biggest issues facing parents today is whether or not to vaccinate their children. Some parents do not want to vaccinate their children because they feel that the vaccinations can cause harm to the child. Others simply feel that their children belong to them and that government should have no say in what they do about vaccinating them. Still other people say that it is irresponsible not to vaccinate children from diseases which could be devastating to them and others around them. The first reason that parents feel that their children do not need the standard vaccines is that the diseases that they receive vaccinations for are no longer common problems. Parents think because of certain
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Scientists say that while some children may be negatively affected by the vaccine, people not taking immunizations against diseases that are harmful to them, have caused the reappearance of more deadly and virulent strains of these diseases. While on the other hand, when many people are vaccinated , it provides a level of protection for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated people. This level of protection decreases if people stop having their child vaccinated. Children who do not receive vaccines can cause problems which accompany sickness. Preschools, Nursery school, or Elementary schools might have to be shut down for a while because so many children might have gotten sick from being exposed to non-vaccinated children. This leads to caregivers having to miss work and this is another issue. Finally the question remains should parents be made to have their child vaccinated ? While there are some well-founded reasons for not wanting a child not to receive a vaccine, there are just as many sound reasons to do so. It really comes down to the question: Does the good of the one outweigh the good of the

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