Why Should It Be Acceptable For Our Safe Environment From Terrorist Activities?

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Eighty-seven percent of Americans have heard at least "a little" bit of information about the government monitoring our devices and using our calls to track cyber terrorists. From this survey, a third of people are concerned about the government monitoring their phones, social media sites, search engines, and emails. Many people believe strongly against government monitoring, and others strongly support it to help keep our country safe. "Every citizen should have the right to their own privacy inside there [sic] own homes and who they talk with. I feel this gives the government too much control" describes a citizen for the supervision, and "Small price to pay for maintaining our safe environment from terrorist activities” shows a person against government intervention. Americans can have strong opinions on this topic, but their opinions change radically when a different group such as foreign leaders is being monitored. Why should it be acceptable for the government to monitor citizens from other countries, but not in their own nation (Rainie)? Yet still, 15% of people changed the way that they use social media sites, and the same amount of people changed the way that they use mobile phones. Changes such as uninstalling certain apps, not sending certain information over texts, and changing privacy settings of their websites have been put into action to help decrease the amount of information the government could acquire. Even among these curious people, though, cyber crime…

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