Essay on Why Should I Be A Doctor?

1090 Words Jun 24th, 2015 null Page
Growing up in Ecuador certainly influenced what I wanted to study. I was not sure I would ever be able to live in the United States. Hence, I needed to study for a highly regarded and well-paying job there. Although there are clinical psychologists in my home country, the career is undervalued because people refrain from going to therapy. Unfortunately, seeing a psychologist is equated with weakness or severe mental illness. The stigma surrounding the field did not allow me to consider clinical psychology as a viable option. My parents wanted me to either become a lawyer or a doctor because those two career options have the most prestige in our culture. Since I had great admiration for my father who was a lawyer, I decided to follow along with his footsteps. After I graduated from high school in Ecuador, we received great news. My mother had participated in a green card lottery a few months before and she had won. She was extremely lucky considering the high amount of participants and that Ecuador is now ineligible for this program. Consequently, my father, sister and I received a green card as well and we moved to Miami. I went to the University of Miami and it was there where I realized the vast choices of careers that existed. A new world of possibilities was shown to me at school. However, my parents still pressured me to become a lawyer or a doctor. At that point, I did not want to be a lawyer anymore so I went on the pre-medical student track. I chose biology and…

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