Why Shipbreaking Is Bad

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Ships are the global transportation of people and cargo by sea, but it can also be extremely harmful to the planet. The reason why ships can be extremely harmful to the planet is shipbreaking. Shipbreaking is when rundown ships around 25-30 years old are broken down to metals for reuse. I encourage to reinforce stronger environmental and labour laws on shipbreaking because it can lead to chemicals and oil leaking out to sea. Workers who are also involved in shipbreaking have zero to little safety guidance and safety equipment. Shipbreaking can also be handle safety, but most companies chose not to.

When ships are broken down the chemicals and oil can leak into the sea, because ships are usually broken down on shores. With the chemicals and oils going into the sea it can be harmful to ecosystems and us. It affects the ecosystems because of how with the oil leaking into the sea it can attach itself on birds and create a light density. The light density created makes it harder for the plants to use photosynthesis and the oil attached to the birds break down their skin allowing them to
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Shipbreaking can be handle safely in a warehouse to be broken down, not allowing the chemicals or oils to be leak into the ocean. There are also more eco-friendly ship currently being created and designed in the near future. This allows for a more safe and eco-friendly ship when being broken down. If workers were given the equipment and safety guidance it would prevent them from getting hurt or even falling ill. That even though shipbreaking supplies cheaper steel up to 80-90% of all domestic demand, it could be increased to a higher amount with more eco-friendly ships. Allowing a less impact on the environment and allow a more reusable metals from the ship. Therefore companies are able to handle shipbreaking safely, but choices to make a profit and harm the environment even

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