Essay about Why Schools Should Wear School Uniforms

1200 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Imagine this, Ellie Smith is a young girl in intermediate school, whose family comes from a poor background and they cannot afford to send her to school with anything other than hammy down clothes. The other students bully Ellie for looking dingy and not having the latest fashion. All the young student wants is to go to school and feel comfortable in her own clothing, but that does not happen and Ellie stops going to school. With her lack of attendance, Miss Smith fails her classes and intent drops out. All of this could have been prevented in Ellie’s school had uniforms. Uniforms in school are to require a uniformed set of students. For as long as people can remember there has been uniforms in different professions and sports. Schools across America should require students to wear school uniforms because uniforms show a sense of equality and school spirit among the community, promote safety, and stops distractions.
School uniforms promote a sense of equality and school spirit among the community. For example, say the school colors are orange and black, the required school uniform can be orange and black. Although school uniforms may seem trivial in supporting school spirit, it is in fact crucial in terms of bringing students together to be one body. For example, when going into a workplace seeing a group of people all in dress clothes and suits, looks way more professional and unified than walking into a group of jeans and shirts. This theory holds true for schools also.…

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