Essay Why School Uniforms Should Not Be Required

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When I was in my middle school, I wondered why wearing certain clothes is a requirement. I have tried wearing normal clothes but was not allowed and had to go through a punishment. It did not really make any sense because they were some schools who had an option of not wanting to wear certain clothes. They had a choice to wear what they wanted.
Recently, they have been arguments that school uniforms will keep students focused on their education, not their clothes. Some people think it is not important for a child to choose what they want to wear but that will actually violate the student’s right to express his or her freedom. School uniforms should not be required because it breaks a student’s right to freedom of expression, and is a financial burden for poor families.
The first reason why school uniforms should not be required is it breaks a student’s right to freedom of expression. Everyone should have a right to express oneself freely. In today’s world there is barely enough freedom. Schools have taken away many of the children’s freedom. Children don’t have choices to pick what they want to eat or play or other activities and school uniforms is one of the things. The First Amendment of Constitution says, “Everyone should have freedom.” So why should it not be applicable to children? It is also good to give a child a choice because then parents can know where their kid is at making good choices.
Clothing choices are an important way of expressing oneself. Teenagers are at…

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