School Dress Code Persuasive Essay

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One would think that there would be many issues that female students in high school would be concerned about. However, one of the main problems that they are facing today is battling their school dress code. For years, there have been debates over how dress code should be handled. The issue is everywhere, even in our own community. One of the biggest controversies over the school dress code has occurred at Van Buren High School. With that being said, school dress code for Van Buren High School students should be altered because it takes away women’s rights, makes their education seem less important than a man’s, and does not allow for self-expression.
There have been many times in history when women have had to fight for their rights. They have fought and won many battles, such as the right to vote. One thing that women have not won, is the battle with schools and their dress code. Schools across the nation
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Parents and students sometimes feel as if their school dress code is working wonderfully for their school. Sometimes, district-wide school uniforms are the answer. This mainly helps take away the competition of “who is wearing what” among students (Chittom). Others think that school uniforms would help keep the learning environment about what it should truly be about, while others think that with all of the new trends of clothing, that it simply distracts students from focusing on their work. Some schools have a zero-tolerance policy on their dress code, which parents and students enjoy. Dress codes are good to them, because it means that everyone is treated fairly. “There is no guarantee of free speech or expression in the classroom. Students must do what school policy mandates or face the consequences. Schools are charged with maintaining an environment conducive to learning, and strict dress codes or uniforms help encourage this,” (Chittom). The argument could go either way; either you love school dress codes, or you hate

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