Why People Went Gluten Free Essay

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I’ve been a hairstylist for six years now, and I love enriching my clients ' lives by making them feel beautiful. This career choice has affected my body tremendously; my hands go numb, I have trouble opening jars, and my back hurts constantly. I found food allergies to gluten and dairy at the age of 21. All of these issues lead me to researching alternative options to help my body heal. I’ve found nutrition has a huge impact on inflammation, mental health, and energy.
To eat organically means to eat clean food produced without pesticides and modified elements. I was always curious to why other people chose this lifestyle change. Another question I had was why people went gluten free? I had a lot of knowledge on the topic so I narrowed it down to advantages and disadvantages of eating organically. When I started my search, it surprised me that there were not a lot of studies done on this matter. I was discouraged and considered changing my topic back to why people are gluten free. However, I felt I was up for the challenge of searching, so I stayed with my first choice.
I used words like benefits, evidence, and studies I had no luck with any worthy results. It dawned on me that I should use my knowledge from documentaries I had watched that encouraged my lifestyle change. “Food Matters” is a document available on Netflix, I watched it again and found many doctors who support clean eating. One of the doctors had written a book that helped my search but all of the others…

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