Why People Use Steroids? Essay

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In society we are forced to do a lot of action to fit in, wearing make up, dressing nice, being into sports, and being the “popular” kid are just some of the examples of what society has forced on to us. It may be more than these tacky little acts that we think define us, that society has forced upon us. Could it be our gender? Judith Lorber in her article From Believing is Seeing believes this is so, that society defines people’s gender based on what genital parts they were born with. As Peterocelli writes in his article Getting Huge,Getting Ripped on the struggles of steroids, of why people use and what drives them to use. We use Lorber’s thoughts on the gender role problem to help us understand Peterocelli’s understanding of why people use steroids.
Gender role is a big misconception to lorber and many other people in the world. Lorber writes "Whatever a 'woman ' is has to be 'female '; whatever a 'man ' is has to be 'male '”(728). One of Lorber 's quotations is saying whatever parts a person is born with society deems them to be that gender. No matter if they don 't want to be that gender, if she has the parts she has to be a woman. With that gender it comes with a whole different lifestyle from what people wear to how people act. The “male” portion comes with a lot more “manly” life, where they have to fix cars and trucks these make one “manly” in the world these are roles males have to do to be “manly” enough. In the women’s side they also have their…

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