Why People Do Not Succeed Essay

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We were raised to believe that people only want to succeed or want to fail; that this a black or white issue, and that there is no gray area. We want to think that there are only two types of people; the ones that succeed and the ones that do not succeed. People are not raised to believe that some people have more opportunities that open doorways to success that other people do not get. We want to believe that “if you wanted to succeed in this country, be you black or be you white, all you needed was desire, and opportunity” (Danquah, 229). Even though there are the ones that succeed, there are similarly two types of people that do not succeed. There are the ones that truly do not want to succeed at all and the ones that did not get the chance. Even though we want to ignore it, the truth is the people who do not succeed, have experienced racial profiling in their lives more than one time. They go through these experiences that cause them to fail or believe that they are not meant to succeed. This is known as a typical “life as a black person in America” (Danquah, 229). In the essay, “Break Skin, Break Spirit”, Meri Nana-Ama Danquah uses herself and her daughter as an example of how common-like it is for someone with potential, be affected by racial profiling starting from as young as grade school. She criticizes the use of racial profiling in America and states that how this stigma of African Americans, specifically, can lead to the downfall of many potential people, and how…

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