Essay on Why People Chose Plastic Surgery

897 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
As social media grows people can easily connect to each other’s. There’s a TV, cellphone, internet and all the other SNS (Social Network System) s which allow people to share and post their personal thoughts. However, on the other hand, this social media is setting unrealistic standard on outward appearance, showing beautiful celebrities, making fun of ugly people and also perpetuating discrimination towards those who are inferior to the standard. Because of this standard, people are comparing their appearances to the other celebrities’ or other normal people and get obsessed with it. This ends up with getting stressed and low self-esteem. So people starts to look for some kind of method to improve and fix their appearances because they can’t handle the depression and obsession. That’s why people chose plastic surgery. They want to improve their appearances by having a procedures and overcome their depression or obsession. Don’t judge people by their decisions and appearances only if you don’t like plastic surgery. They need one. But some people disagrees with plastic surgery because of the cost and addiction. In fact, according to (Online hub, Sharing experiences about cosmetic surgeries), cheapest procedure is Lip Implant and cost $2,500. The most expensive procedure is Body Lift and cost $14,950 (Bonomi, Average). This is an enormous amount of money to pay only for plastic surgery. So people are getting into a debt to pay for their surgeries. According to…

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