Why Nuclear Power Is The Clear Choice For Power Generation Essay

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Why nuclear power is the clear choice for power generation.
Nuclear power is one of the most efficient and safest forms of power generation. The construction costs of building a nuclear power plant are high, however its operating costs are cheap. The price of uranium is cheap to transport however, it is rare and must be transported to countries that do not have any. Even though uranium is rare and it is hard for developing countries to build a nuclear reactor and purchase uranium, nuclear power is the clear choice in power generation because it is one of the most efficient and cheapest ways to generate power, and nuclear power is much safer and more efficient than fossil fuels. A nuclear power plant can use two different types of generators either a Pressurized Water Reactor or a Boiling Water Reactor. According to Duke Energy
Pressurized Water Reactors keep water under pressure so that it heats, but does not boil. This heated water circulated through tubes in steam generators, allowing the water in the steam generators to turn to steam, which then turns the turbine generator. Water from the reactor and the water that is turned into steam are in separate systems and do not mix (Duke Energy).
. for an example see fig. 1. The water can be collected and used over again. The other way to generate power from a nuclear power generator is Boiling Water Reactors. Fission is used to heat up the water and generate steam in Boiling water Reactors (Duke Energy). There is no…

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