Essay on Why Marriages Fail

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When marriages fail or fail to take place, women and children become vulnerable and dependent. Those women, along with their friends and relatives, are inexorably drawn toward the Party of Government. And research shows it is not only women of childbearing age that are made more dependent on government, but aging men and women in general. To expect a nation of fragmented families to turn away from an expanding welfare state is to expect a miracle. The original social democrats of Europe saw this quite clearly, which is why (especially in Sweden) they crafted social-welfare proposals with an eye to deinstitutionalizing marriage, making mothers less dependent on fathers but more dependent on government.

We are at a key crossroads now.
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One simple, effective idea? Create a new funding stream for programs enthusiastically dedicated to teaching teens what adults believe and social science confirms: It is better to wait until you are grown, educated, and married before having kids.

3) Add reducing divorce to the goals of existing divorce-education programs. Half of all U.S. counties now have court-connected divorce-education programs, many of them mandatory. But these programs have goals that are limited to reducing acrimony and litigation. Why not fund pilot programs to find out which programs are also more successful at reducing unnecessary divorce? Polls in various states suggest 40-60 percent of divorced people wish they had worked harder to save their marriages.

Every divorce plunges government deeper into the lives of families, directly and indirectly. It does so directly by deciding who gets to see the kids and when, and indirectly through the large network of state and federal social programs regulating problems caused in part by family fragmentation: foster care, domestic violence, poverty, mental and physical illness, infant mortality, teen-pregnancy prevention, high-school dropout prevention, and crime control, to name just a handful.

The Bush marriage initiative would emphasize the importance of marriage to poor couples, educate teens on the value of delaying childbearing until marriage, and nurture faith-based and community marriage mentoring and education. I do not expect

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