Why Marcus Brutus Was A Tragic Hero Essay

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Why Marcus Brutus was a tragic hero in “Julius Caesar” Everyone has a something wrong with them; some of these problems we can fix, like lying, a person can learn to stop lying.Others problems are more unsolvable, like world peace. In the play, “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare,(Durland, 1985) several characters have problems; for instance, Caesar was too arrogant and he does not listen to a warning by the Soothsayer. (Durland, 1985.) Another character in the story, was Marcus Brutus, a companion of Caesar, who had a problem that affected the whole plot. (Durland, 1985.) Marcus Brutus’s dilemma, of being loyal to his emperor versus, maintaining the “love” of the Roman people, makes him a tragic hero. Marcus Brutus was a Roman statesmen, a statesman is someone who was a “skilled, experienced, and respected political leader or figure.” ( Dictionary.com) Brutus was a great friend of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. Secondly Brutus was respected by the Roman citizens because of his political views. It is hard to believe that a person of Brutus’s status, could have any issues, but Brutus’s two main conflicts were those that most leaders have, “Trust” and “love.” For Marcus, his trust of other Roman statesmen caused the death of his close friend Caesar. The other Romans in a high position tricked and lied to Brutus. (Durland, 1985.)
When Brutus decided to join the movement to kill Caesar after his servant, Lucius, brought him, a letter from a another friend of Brutus…

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