Essay on Why Law Is Our Families Business

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When I think about people or professions I do not have to look very far. All of my life I have been surrounded by the people closest to me, that I love and respect, who share the same passion or the practice of law. I would say that law is our families business. In conducting research about the career or as I have been told by my grandfather, mother, and dad: the “profession” that I am interested in is the law. I am drawn to the law, but because of some of my learning difficulties, I have never had courage to pursue this course. The field of law is a very diverse and complex profession. The practice of law is divided between civil and criminal. Civil law is the system of law that deals with conflicts that arise in contractual disputes, property, and family law. On the other hand, criminal law deals with people who have committed substantial crimes in society. As an attorney, ones responsibilities consist of solving problems for other people – your clients. “This involves analytical skills, knowledge of the law, compassion, patience, and common sense” (Laurie Engelberg, Esquire, Member of the Florida Bar). In addition, lawyers are responsible for maintaining a very high level of ethics and morals. What defines a successful lawyer is not one that gets the largest paycheck; rather it’s the lawyer that fights for the rights of their clients while staying within the parameters of the law. The typical day in the practice of law differs between civil attorneys and…

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