Why Is Treehouses A Place Of Childhood Fascination Or Wonder?

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Treehouses a place of childhood fascination or wonder?
Both. Want to go outside, but don’t know where? Well I know many places! They invoke curiosity in all ages, curiosity in how it is held up. Curiosity in how high up they could be, or how similar they are to the ones in the movies. They help people explore the outdoors even in their own backyard. They let you relax in the most beautiful places on earth. In the woods, the mountains, or on the edge of a field filled with wild flowers. The best part about these places is they are in the trees.
Curiosity is something wonderful found in everyone. Children are definitely the most curious. Always looking under rocks, poking objects and people to see what will happen. Curiosity invokes children
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Since they are built in and on the trees they can give you time to just sit and look at the grooves and patterns in the trees. Being up close with the trees is good for your health. The air that trees make is nice and clean. Not only are treehouses close to the trees, but they are also closer to the sky being closer to the sky can mean many good things. It can mean better views of many things. Better views of the area, the wildlife or the night sky. Treehouses are the outpost of nature they can help you explore the outdoors by having somewhere to rest after a hike or game of tag. You can sit and watch the birds, or hook up a zipline and zoom through the …show more content…
Not all treehouses are a small box in the trees with a ladder. Some small businesses build large luxurious house like livable treehouses. These treehouses can have kitchens. You don’t have to use the kitchen though you can always bring a picnic and sit in, on or under the treehouse. Maybe there was plans to go out in your backyard and have a picnic. Then it started to rain. Where to back to the house or the treehouse? These luxurious treehouse are livable to the point of running water, air conditioning and bedrooms. Bedrooms has only good meaning, sleep. That means the ability to take a nap in a house in the trees. That would be just great waking up to the birds singing and a great view. Not only do these treehouses have electricity and running water, but can also have TV’s. Some people just watch normal tv or sports. Some throw parties to watch sports or movies which would be fun. One interesting treehouse owner can throw parties to view something else on the TV. The area the that the treehouse was built in has a large population of bears and the builder of the treehouse hooked it up with “bear cams.” These “bear cams” record everything they see so you can see the wildlife in the safety of a treehouse. Just make sure whoever is knocking on the door isn’t what ever was just on the

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