Why Is The Death Penalty Unconstitutional

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Capital Punishment “To Use it or not to Use it” Have you ever viewed the death penalty to be unconstitutional? The death penalty has been a matter that has divided the United States for many years now. As there are countless supporters of this sentence, there are also many Americans who oppose of it. Currently, there are thirty-three states in which the death penalty is legal, leaving seventeen states that have abolished it. I personally believe that the death penalty should be legal throughout our nation as a whole. There are many reasons as to why I stand behind my decision strongly and undoubtedly. The death penalty should be legalized in all states because it stands as a national deterrent, allows opportunity for retribution, addresses potential loopholes in the prison system, guarantees public protection, and stands on my basis of morality. After doing some research, the sense of passion towards the subject has …show more content…
As a large number of the population could agree with me, death is one of a person’s greatest fears. Establishing the death penalty allows for a sense of fear, if he knows that death is a possible consequence for his actions, he is less likely to commit a crime. The death penalty is the only way to guarantee public safety. Turning on the news in this day and time, the reporter always has a new addition to America’s Most Wanted because he escaped from prison. Allowing the death penalty as a consequence will put a stop to all of these loopholes in the prison system, where thousands of criminals end up back on the streets every year. The death penalty one hundred percent guarantees public safety and acts as a deterrent for many other criminals. Not saying it will end crime forever, but if the United States did not have it under initial circumstances, I can make a promise to you. This world would be enormously more

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