Is Capital Punishment More Harm Than Good Essay

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Capital Punishment: More Damage than Good
The death penalty is a historic maltreatment used for humans that murder or commit an abominable crime. This method had been sought to be effective until technology started progressing and morals began to veer. With new advances in technology the government has made up new, more productive, ways of retribution. In the past, when a person was on death row, the solitary discipline was to execute the person responsible for the wrongdoing. However, people now are realizing how brutal capital punishment is and how it negatively affects the world that we live in.Capital punishment should be abolished throughout the United States because it is not cost effective, it does not reduce the crime rate, and race
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Death penalty case costs were counted through to execution (median cost $1.26 million). Non-death penalty case costs were counted through to the end of incarceration (median cost $740,000)” (Audit 8). This helps answer the question stated above; capital punishment is costly and the alternative, life with or without parole, is a better choice from a financial standpoint. Life in jail is an option for criminals who were on death row and were found guilty or their crime was not atrocious enough. But, other states do not have the death penalty as an option anymore and use life in prison as their one option. “On average, it costs $23,000 a year to keep someone in prison”, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, “that number varies widely, depending on the state and the level of security of the prison. Death rows are among the most costly” (Urbina 1). Thus helping to prove this stance, keeping a person in prison is cheaper than going through the court and following through with the execution. Also, a 2008 Maryland study found that it is $2 million more to give someone the death penalty rather than sentencing them to life, even a life sentence (1). “According to a recent study, a …show more content…
Since this particular topic is sensitive, few people agree. Some people are still under the way of thinking “an eye for an eye”. This means a person who has injured someone should suffer the same fate and be penalized in the same way. The victim 's family would want the person who wronged them to be punished. If the criminal was allowed to continue living while their loved one didn’t have the chance to live, the victim’s family would, of course, think this was not fair. With this being said, the death penalty would be used as a way for families to seek revenge and not for the purpose intended - as a consequence for a heinous crime to be determined by the

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