Why Is The Assassination Of The Kennedy Assassination Essay

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Register to read the introduction… At 12:40 Oswald boarded a city bus but the traffic was heavy so he got off the bus and took a taxicab to his house. When he got inside his housekeeper Earlene Roberts said “he was walking really fast he was all but running,” (Wikipedia, Lee Harvey Oswald) Oswald hen went into his room and came out wearing a jacket. Earlene Roberts last saw him, as he was standing across the street at a bus stop. About four-fifths of a mile away Patrolman J.D Tippit encountered Oswald in a residential street in Oak Cliff a residential street. J.D Tippit talked to Oswald through the passenger side window then got out of his car, Oswald then shot him four times and fled with a revolver in his hand. A few minutes later Oswald ducked into an entrance alcove of a shoe store and was avoiding police cars, Johnny Brewer the shoe storeowner, was listening to the radio and knew about the assassination and thought Oswald was acting suspicious. Then Oswald walked away and Johnny Brewer went outside and saw Oswald walk into the Texas Theater without paying. Johnny Brewer then went to the ticket clerk Julia Postal who phoned the …show more content…
Captain J. W. Fritz was told that the name of the suspect in the Tippit shooting was Lee Harvey Oswald, the same name that Fritz had received at the Texas School Book Depository as a missing employee who had last been seen in the building shortly after the assassination “That is the suspect we are looking for in the President's killing”, Oswald was then booked on suspicion of murdering both President Kennedy and Officer Tippit. By the end of the night he had been arraigned before Justice of the Peace David L. Johnston for both murders. Oswald was interrogated several times during his two days of detention at Dallas Police Headquarters. He denied killing President Kennedy and Officer Tippit, denied owning a rifle, and said two photographs of him holding a rifle and a pistol were fakes. His first interrogation was on Friday, November 22, Oswald was asked to account for himself at the time the President was shot. Oswald said that he ate lunch in the first-floor lunchroom of the Texas School Book Depository and then went up to the second floor for a Coke, during which he encountered the police officer, during his last interrogation on Sunday, November 24, Oswald was asked again where he was at the time of the shooting. Oswald said he was working on one of the upper floors of the Depository when it occurred, and that he then went downstairs, where he encountered the police

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