Pros And Cons Of Eating Sugar Essay

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Would you willingly ingest poison? No? or so you thought. Sugar has been in our lives for as long as we remember. Given to us by people we trust, whether it's as a reward, celebration or a simple gift. Parents, teachers, family members and surprisingly, doctors, provide us with these sweet treats. Why surprising you ask? Sugar has been proven to act as a poison in high doses, causing major damage to our body and brain.

We live in a society where sugar is widely accepted, consumed in high quantities, and is associated with happiness and comfort. I don’t blame you for thinking that, because as you eat sugar your brain releases dopamine, which is a 'pleasure' hormone and stimulates the brain's reward system, and when the reward system is activated
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They are even more dangerous than regular white sugar. Processed food is where the deadly substances are found the most. Studies show that 74% of goods sold at the supermarket contains added sugars. High-Fructose corn syrup (HFCS), found in many processed foods. resultant from corn starch, this might be the most terrifying sweet yet, contains left over mercury, a by-product of chemical processing. This can be 75x! sweeter that white sugar. Also some health enthusiasts use agave as an alternative to sugar, but guess what, the processed nectar can be up to 85% fructose and probably more damaging to your liver than HFCS, causing non- alcoholic liver disease.

People know the side effects of sugar, yet, they still wolf down a whole chocolate cake when they see one. How about I suggest healthier alternatives? Fruits and vegetables are your ticket out of the diseases caused by sugar. These substitutes are so underrated, ignored when your sugar cravings are sky rocketing, though, they are not your ideal sugary foods. They contain natural sugars that are less worse for your body, and fiber-rich. The fiber slows down the absorption of sugar, which prevents an insulin
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No one wants to die early, especially young people, you still have a chance to change your lifestyle. I think sugar should be treated like alcohol or drugs. Both of those things are damaging to the body, but it's also hard to convince people to treat sugar the same way you treat drugs, because they are not used to it, and probably will never be. Scientists have tried, for years, to stop people from eating sugar, yet, some listen but the majority don't. so, be smart and live healthier. Health is your greatest

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