Why Is Street Photography An Invasion Of Privacy?

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Since history can date it, photography has been around for over 100 years. People take pictures everyday. Whether it is with a group of people, or just a selfie. People use cameras for most pictures or even their smartphones. Almost everyone in the world takes pictures. There’s honestly no question that street photography can be an amazing project to work on. Some people see street photography as a form of art, and a major way to record our city’s life and the society of people. While there are some other people that think and take street photography as an intolerable violation of their personal privacy. So would street photography be an invasion of peoples privacy? To some it may be, while to others it really isn’t. Most people’s fear is …show more content…
It describes todays society one pic at a time. There’s a saying that goes “A picture is worth a thousand words," that is a very broad saying because of all the pictures out there in todays society. The main issue discussed was invasion of privacy through photography, which leads to a lot of aspects to it. Receiving consent is a major issue because, without earning consent it is considered harassment and invasion of privacy. Another point was where that photo will end up. The photo can end up anywhere to be honest, but once it is uploaded it can never get removed, whatever goes on the internet, stays onto the internet. This being said the photo can earn so much humiliation it 's actually very embarrassing. Lastly intruding into ones secluded property is another major point. With this comes the photographer sneaking onto private property and snapping pictures. Yet also, just the photographer outside the private domain not snapping photos is considered invasion of privacy and an harassment. The point is that we as humans should respect one another privacy no questions asked, because we wouldn 't like it if someone does this to us, coming and snapping photos of us and uploading it onto the web. We all should learn to keep our distance and know our rights because this can lead to some bad

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