Why Is Slavery Bad

In 2016, slavery has been forgotten and we do not care. Once you start to read about it, you will feel bad for them. In the Narrative, it is talking about how slavery is bad. In the book, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, it is talking about how slavery is terrible and how it corrupts slave owners. This story is telling us that back then it was hard, and being a slave you would work and work. Children and adults would work very hard. Slave children did not know when their birthday was or how old they were. The children got taken away from their mother at a very young age and never met her. Someone else would take care of the children, and it was sad seeing how much they would get paid and how they had to live off that.
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When they get paid, they do not get paid a lot. They would get paid a monthly allowance of food, “eight pounds of pork, or its equivalent in fish.” They do not get paid a lot because they are slaves and slaves have to learn to make it last. The slaves work for labor. In excerpt 2 paragraph 2, the slaves would get their yearly clothes and their food. “Their yearly clothing consisted of two coarse linen shirts, one pair of linen trousers, like the shirts, one jacket, one pair of trousers for winter, made of coarse negro cloth, one pair of stockings, and one pair of shoes; the whole of which could not have cost more than seven dollars.” In my opinion, they should have clothes, because once they have holes or they do not fit, the would not have any clothes.The slaves do not have a choice, because they have to make their clothes and their food last. If they run out, they will have to starve and they will die.The slaves should get more clothes and food and they should be …show more content…
Slavery is bad for slaves because they are getting whipped and then bleeding. This hurts the slaves, and they do not like it as the blood is dripping down their backs. Getting kicked in the side as you are down and can't get up, because they are so sick and they are hurting because of being whipped. In excerpt 4, paragraph 8, Douglass is getting kicked in the side of his body by Covey. “He then gave me a savage kick in the side, and told me to get up. That is telling us that slavery is terrible for slaves. “Mr. Covey took up the hickory slat with which Hughes had been striking off the half-bushel measure, and with it gave me a heavy blow upon the head.” Covery is a mean slaveowner and he should not be a slave owner. Slavery is terrible for slaves and slaves should be free. Douglass is trying to tell us that he got whipped, kick, and hit by a hickory slat and that the slave owners did not care. Getting kicked or whipped hurts the slaves. Getting whipped and whipped over and over it hurts the slaves.
What some people are talking about is that was a life of a slave, and slaves work hard, and they would get whipped and whipped until they bleed. For some of the slaves, they would fight back because they wanted to be free and they would do anything for freedom. Frederick Douglass was one of the slaves that wanted to be free and he would do anything. Well that did not happen. He was put in jail because someone

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