Why Is Same Sex Marriage An Issue

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Same Sex marriage is one of the leading political topics in the United States, even today. There is an ongoing debate on rather or not to legalize the marriage of the same sex.There are many people who are either for or against same sex marriage, and those who disagree with same sex marriage in the United State is mostly, because the U.S was founded as a protestant nation. Even though the United States is a country where all different types of races, nationalities, cultures, as well as religion coexists in one place. So, why is same sex marriage an issue today? Just like the Obergefell V. Hodges court case there has been many court cases that have filed to have their marriage recognized. The Obergefell 's court case addresses many issues …show more content…
(Ghose). The states are basically concerned that if we allow same sex marriages that it will leave the constitution intact; allowing it to break our country 's traditional values. The belief that our traditional nation values the law that marriage is not a contract of love between any two persons, but a contract between, “one man and one woman as husband and wife.” (gay marriage). Where as the supporters just wish that gay marriages have the same equal rights as a man and women 's marriage. As well as for others to accept their decision to wed the same sex. Even the president of the United States, Barack Obama believes that homosexuals should have the right to marry. Obama stated that, “his own faith reminded him to "treat others the way you would want to be treated," which led him to conclude "that for me personally it is important…to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married." (gay marriages). Not long after the Obergefell court case the supreme court ruled that all states in America are to lift the ban of homosexual marriages. After hearing of the court 's decision, president Obama later called out for Obergefell to congradulate him upon changing our nation and that he could not have been, “prouder of him and his husband.” (Korte). During the Obergefell 's case many ask questions about rather or not the federal courts had over step their authority by getting involved with the states basic right to determine who may marry who. However, the federal government can interfere with the states decisions, because they are in fact superior to the states, thanks to Article VI of the constitution. So, with everything considered, it is a fact that the national government did not take away the power of the states nor did they give the federal government even more

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