Libraries Are Obsolete By David Lankes: An Analysis

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Library the Noun
Are physical libraries really going to stay important with the Internet quickly becoming the monopoly of information for students, and even experts? Libraries have been around for so long that sometimes they are taken for granted. Has the Internet stolen the niche that libraries have held onto for centuries? Or do these two things have the capabilities to coexist? The real question is whether they will just survive in this transition or thrive in it. Some of the different adaptations required for libraries to truly thrive are for libraries to bring in an interactive quality to their services and for them to make their resources accessible through multiple outlets. The many flaws of the counter argument are relying so heavily
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But that is depending on the worth that is put into each individual’s use of the services. But nevertheless it can be said that they are used; the Pew Research Center’s research points out that 90% of people think that if the public library closed it would “have an impact on the community” (Kathryn Zickuhr et al, 1). A different study of theirs approached the actual use of public libraries; it found that 30% of citizens in the United States have a high engagement with public libraries and 40% had medium engagement (Lee Rainie et al, 4). Meaning over half the population of the United States uses libraries. Therefore, libraries are still heavily used even today with the Internet being so accessible to many. The tax money is necessary so these services can stay free because ,while people do not rely on them consistently, people need them in times of changes (Lee Rainie et al, 4). These changes spur a search for information to be better prepared, and libraries provide a safe space for that search of information with many resources to make it as easy as

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