King Arthur: Myth Or Real?

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Decades ago there was a controversy whether King Arthur was a realistic person or a legend. King Arthur was the King of Britain who fought off the Saxons in 12 straight battles and had his legendary sword named the Excalibur, although historians questioned if this was believable. Historians questioned if it possible to go into 12 straight battles without stopping. Some believed Arthur was a real person because there are fractional evidence of him being real, but other historians believe otherwise because most of King Arthur’s stories were impossible or sounds like a fictional fairytale story. They believe that King Arthur was just a made up folk lore. Meanwhile, historians question if he is a real person that led Britain into great triumph or if he was just fairytale king. Comparing bits of real information and fairytale, historians had the opportunity to come to the conclusion to whether if he is real or not real.
The famous King Arthur was either a legend or a factual person in history. King Arthur lived around the fifth century. His stories were spreaded throughout the celtic countries(Barber 22) King Arthur was a Christian leader. As a Christian leader his fame was spreading because of his religion. As a King, Arthur was not as relaxed as other Kings. For
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One of the following could be Owain Ddantgwyn King of Polls. Owain led a successful battle against the Saxons. Another could be Aurelius Ambrosius also led Britain against the Saxons. People say Arthur was not a king but many different warriors (Jones 5). Arthur’s remains were later found in 1911 at Glastonbury. On the stone of the grave there was engravings say that Arthur lied here and died. Geoffrey said that Arthur was carried to Avalon but Glastonbury and Avalon were the same place. Even today in England some people may still believe that if England was to ever go into a bad situation he would return and lead his people

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