John Proctor Tragic Hero Essay

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John Proctor was a man of faith, honor, and integrity. He was a man that hated hypocrites and died as a tragic hero should. The actions he displayed during the play that led to this conclusion were: he decided to die alongside his friends instead of live as a liar, and he decided to die instead of letting his name become trash. A tragic hero is a character who makes a bad decision that inevitably leads to his or her death. John Proctor is an example of such a character because he worked so hard to clear his wife's name, but the circumstances of the situation resulted in his death while still keeping his name. Despite the fact that John Proctor is not a status holding member of Salem, he is greatly respected by the people of the …show more content…
A tragic hero is a person who has sacrificed their lives for a cause. It is shown in this play that ordinary people can be tragic heroes. Proctor believed so passionately in an idea that he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice which was his life. John Proctor showed that he was good man when he pushed Abigail away. Abigail tried to tempt him to come back to her, but Proctor said no. One major flaw that Proctor had was lechery with Abigail. John Proctor did not want to die with his name. Proctor was not scared of his death. He took this route instead staying alive and being with his family. Abigail wanted Proctor to leave Elizabeth Proctor so that she could be with him. During this play, Proctor had a chance to live and be with his wife. and his family. Proctor did not take this option. He wanted to save Elizabeth’s reputation while also ending his previous affair he had with Abigail. Overall, John Proctor died as a tragic hero because his actions helped the people of Salem have some ease of mind from witchcraft. Abigail did not get what she wanted. She ruined her own plan to get back with John Proctor since he did not want anything apart to do with her. Tragic heroes such as John Proctor took the hard route to save someone or in this case his name and his

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