Essay on Why Is It Time For Armed Guards During The Community?

1346 Words Apr 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Why is it Time to Have Armed Guards in the Community? How many innocent people have to die before the community takes action? If someone was at a school and heard gun fire down the hall what what would he do? If there was gunfire down the hall a person’s first instinct would probably be to panic and run around panicked. If there were trained personal on the campus that could take care or cut down on the chaos. Then the school community would have fewer school shootings and hopefully wouldn’t have to worry about the chance of having a school shooting. The death toll in mass shootings has risen significantly with recent instances occurring between 1999 through 2012. Even though there are some laws for gun regulation there is nothing protecting the youth of this nation in their everyday life, in our schools, more needs to be done in the fight for arming guards in the United States School System. There is no way that the parents of the school community can completely trust the schools because they always have to worry about people walking in the front doors or the student in the school having a gun. A 14-year-old boy took an unloaded gun in his backpack to a Brooklyn middle school on Tuesday. That makes multiple times that week, that a student has been caught with a firearm on a New York City school campus, the authorities said. (Southall). The fact that…

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