Why Is It Important For Preparing A Plan? Essay

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Why is it important to prepare a plan? I guess that would depend on what type of plan is needed. Imagine a house built without a house plan, or attempting to put together a cabinet without a set of directions. The end results would be disastrous and likely not usable. The same applies to a career plan. Without one in place, it is more difficult to reach goals or fulfill dreams. With a career plan in place, there are strategic steps put in place that must be followed in order to attain goals. Consequently, goals are broken into short-term and long-term goals. Short term goals are those that can be achieved in five years or less while long-term goals are those that take longer than five years. A career plan is one way to improve a present situation and advance a career. Self-assessment is also crucial when developing a plan. To become a director of a cardiac catheterization director, it is important to have a bachelor’s of science degree, exceptional management skills, and laboratory work experience. This paper describes my personal career plan and what steps I need to take to reach my goals.
Unbeknownst to me, my career plan began in the second grade when I decided I wanted to become a nurse. In 1992, after my daughter entered kindergarten, I submitted an application for entrance into a practical nursing program. After graduating the program and passing the state boards, my long-term goal was to become a registered nurse. It did not quite happen as planned, but…

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