Why Is Investing A Higher Education Is Worth The Cost? Essay

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Millions of post-grads find themselves with student-loan debt in amounts that are outstanding. While the Pell Grants and other forms of aid exist, balances amount so high that students find them paying them off near their later years in life such as fifties or even sixties. Many claim that jobs acquired after attending college to not supplement enough for a successful lifestyle and for payment of this debt. This leaves many to question the the worth of investing in a higher education. Does it pay off in the long run, even with tremendous student debt? Yes. Investing in a higher education is worth the cost because the monetary return is greater and more job opportunity exists even though some degrees are hard to find jobs with.
There is a positive correlation between degrees earned and salaries associated with them, meaning the higher one’s education, the more they can expect to earn. Take the medical field for example, a medical technician has a certification, a nurse has an associate 's or bachelor 's degree, a physician’s assistant has a masters degree, and a medical doctor has a doctorate degree. From lower to highest average salary, it goes medical technician, nurse, physician 's assistant, doctor, thus proving the positive correlation between education and earnings. “... getting a college education was the best choice I could have made for myself to ensure a better financial future.” (Dwyer), which illustrates the personal benefit of monetary gain despite the debt that…

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