Why Is Documentation So Critical For Reimbursement Purposes? Essay

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• Why is this documentation so critical for reimbursement purposes? The reason for documentation being critical for reimbursement purposes is quite simple. Documentation is important to have because it demonstrates clients, organizations, and other facilities that the job is being done accordingly. Documentation demonstrates the progress of an individual during engagement in activities or treatment. It serves to state how a client’s level of function is increasing rather than not providing therapeutic and purposeful activities to address a client’ needs leading to debilitation and other performance deficits. If an activity is not done the right way and it is not addressing a client’s or a group’s common goal, there is no increase in prior level of function. That is why documentation is important because it demonstrates the organization, insurance, or clients paying for services that they are paying for actual services provided to clients and that there are goals and activities being provided to restore a person’s level of functioning.
Select one client/patient and observe a treatment session. Include the following:
• Client/ patient diagnosis and secondary diagnoses. The client’s primary diagnosis is dementia and the second diagnosis is generalized weakness. The client has experienced an impact in their brain that is affecting their level of cognition and functioning. The client suffers from being disoriented and losing the thought and memory. It has been observed that the…

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