Why Is Capitalism Better Than Communism

Is capitalism better than communism? Some people think capitalism is better than communism because it rewards hard work and promotes economy. Others think that communism is a better government system because everyone always have food and money. After reading and examining the facts it is evident that capitalism is better than communism. With capitalism it allows people to strive because they can have trade and personal items and business. Capitalism allows an individual to work hard to excel in the system There are several reasons why capitalism is better than communism as a whole. First, capitalism is a better government system is because it promotes economic growth. Second, capitalism provides better opportunities for individual people. …show more content…
Each individual can work towards a higher standing in a business or the government to get a higher pay or status. In the article “Communism Versus Capitalism” it states “The major share of the profits earned from a business will go to the person who owns the means of production.” This shows if you make a company from your resources you can have most profit from the company which gives you a better opportunity as an individual. You also can become a worker in the business and work your way up the ranks to get a better amount of pay. In the article “Communism Versus Capitalism” it states “Entrepreneurs who pitch well and are able to better their business are the undoubted winners.” This proves that when an individual works well and get successful they can strive in a government that uses capitalism, this also help the economy to grow.

The final reason why capitalism is the better government type is because it rewards individuals who work hard by giving them certain jobs or a certain status by what they have accomplished.This allows people to strive for certain job and get rewarded for what they get accomplished. In “Communism Versus Capitalism” the author states that Capitalism promotes class distinction of the rich and poor. This proves that in Capitalism there is a class distinction in where you can strive to get a certain job which gets into a class system, so the work you put in gets rewarded by money and

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