Essay Summary: Why Capitalism Is Fair?

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It was interesting to watch the Newman and Stanley families make decisions depending on what situation they were in. I will prove that capitalism is fair because you can take risks to have a good outcome, you can make a good profit, and the government doesn 't interfere.
The first reason capitalism is fair is because it encourages risk taking that can result in high rewards. This means you have the opportunity to make more money than you were making before to support your family and yourself. In socialism you can not take a big risk in order to gain a big profit because everything is equal. If there is a chance to make a good profit and to be successful, capitalism allows you to take the risk. Mrs. Newman took a risk to sell beauty products
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Making a good profit distinguishes between barely scraping by and living comfortably. Barely scraping by is stressful and can take a toll on the relationship of a family but living comfortably would be less stressful and allow a family to spend more time with each other. In socialism everything is equal, so if the economy is bad then everyone gets affected by it, but with capitalism not everyone gets affected. Before the Mr. Newman got laid off they had a decent income. They spent time with each other and they got along just fine. Then Mr. Newman got laid off and things started going downhill. They had to borrow money from the bank and Mr. Newman still did not have a job so money got very tight. When he finally got a job he was working overtime and it still was not enough so Mrs. Newman had to get a job too. The father did not spend any time with his kids and he left Mrs. Newman to raise and discipline the kids herself. This made her very frustrated because not only did she have a job and have to raise her kids by herself, but she was the only one trying to keep a good relationship with her family. There was still hope for them though, because they have a choice to take risks to make more money and then have more of an income. As you can see making a good profit and having a good income can affect attitude and relationships within a family. This makes capitalism fair because there …show more content…
This means the money that you worked for is completely yours whether you made a lot of money or a little money. In socialism your hard earned money goes directly to the government to be distributed equally to the people. A lot of things could go wrong if your money goes directly to the government. One could be that the government pockets some of the money for themselves. In capitalism what is left after you pay taxes is yours and the government can not go into your private bank account and take out money that does not belong to them. In the video both of the families were working very hard to try to pay off debts and get by but if the government was taking their hard earned money and equally distributing it they might not get as much as they would of gotten.The money could have gone to a family who did not deserve the money as much and did not work as hard as they did. Everyone was pulling their weight in the stanley family. When they were old enough they each had jobs to try to help put the brother through college and to get by. If the government took that money and equally distributed it they would not have been able to keep the oldest son in college.As you can see if the government gets too involved and takes away hard earned money from the people and gives it to people that do not work as hard and you could lose more

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