Why Illegal Immigrants Have A Poor Relationship With Law Enforcement

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v=In this week’s unit 4 writing assignment, this researcher will be discussing illegal immigrants who are living, working and surviving in the United States. This researcher will also be discussing a major issue that is common in our communities surrounding those immigrants who dwell there in such as their trust in local police. This researcher will discuss ways that can strengthen the relationship between police officers and illegal immigrants in hopes to change it from a negative to a positive. This researcher will bring to the forefront a strategic study created by Vander Ven that can be used to help assist with this now national problem. It is the researcher’s desire that the reader fully understands what they are reading in hopes to cause them to think outside of the ordinary. This researcher’s desire is that this essay will challenge the reader to understand why illegal immigrants have a poor relationship with law enforcement. It is also this researcher’s desire to place herself as well as the reader in the shoes of an illegal immigrant and understand their point of view looking from the inside out.
There are many studies that have been conducted on illegal immigration in our communities, this researcher will briefly speak of the importance of sound and solid research and the importance of how to conduct such research to get accurate results. Understanding and identifying what population you are researching is the first step to creating a strategic study. Once the…

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