Why I Was Becoming A Pediatrician Essay

889 Words Dec 13th, 2016 4 Pages
When I was younger, I went through many different, "I 'm going to be this" phases growing up. Whatever you name, that 's what I wanted to be, however, I think the first thing that I thought was my ‘calling ' was, a hairstylist around the age of 6. Gradually as I got older, I began to realize those job fields weren’t for me but what was truly right for me, was becoming a pediatrician. Since I was young, I have always been good with taking care of kids, always been the one that my baby cousins adored the most, and always been the one family members or family friends call when they need someone to babysit their kids. Luckily, this never bothered me, I love seeing kids up and happy rather than down and out so I knew something in pediatrics was just for me. But in all honesty, I do come from a big family of doctors and engineers so because of them, it did have a major impact on what I should do in my future. But I 'm not complaining, I don 't mind the field of study I will be soon doing, and I hope as a pediatrician, I can show kids and young adults that they are the future and they can 't be out here getting sick.
Furthermore, depending on the state you live in or plan on working in, the requirements for becoming a pediatrician might vary between borders. However, one thing that all must do, is graduate from a four-year undergraduate school. Then after that, the requirements averagely include another 4 years of college, but instead, at a medical school, such as Emory or Duke.…

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