Why I Want Pursue A Career Essay

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Why I want to pursue a career in social work
It’s difficult to put into words how I feel when I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. Helping them realize they’re not alone, or there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Geriatrics and terminal patients is where my passion lies. Nearing the end of one’s life is a difficult and emotional time for everyone involved, and my desire is to make this transition as smooth as possible. Applying to the social work program is the first step in my journey to achieving the goal I am very passionate about…becoming a social worker.
My experience related to social work
Grandparents. Many think of love and comfort when they hear this word. I know I do. My grandparents were my life, and I was very close to them, especially my grandmother! In 2008 my world was turned upside down when I learned my grandmother was dying of leukemia. She was the one who took care of things since my grandfather’s Alzheimer’s was advancing. I immediately flew out to care for her and my grandfather, and after my grandmother passed, I stayed a few extra weeks to assist my grandfather with the variety of tasks associated with losing a spouse, such as meetings, closing accounts, etc.
In August, 2015 I became friends with a single mother. We only knew each other a short time, when one evening she asked if she could talk to me in confidence. She explained her live-in boyfriend abused her emotionally, sexually and physically, and making the situation worse, she is…

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