Why I Want A Class Like Public Speaking Is A Requirement For Most Majors?

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1. Why do you think a class like Public Speaking is a requirement for most majors? Be specific here - your book gives several examples, however, I want you to come up with someone your own.

Let me start by saying that just as reading is the key to life, I believe being able to communicate and understand knowledge through efficiently is as well the key to life. One must be able to give one’s ideas to others in the best way possible for others to understand and comprehend the information to the fullest or else they won’t. One must also learn to listen efficiently and to the fullest to gain the fullest of the beautiful knowledge of the world when spoke by a person or people.

For a person to be great in a field, he or she must be well rounded in that field and not just great thing. For example, if you are a writer, you too must be a great reader or else you can’t be a writer and vice versa. Communication is a field so for a communicator to be great he or she must work hard to understand knowledge from writings through reading and through listening when knowledge is spoken or else you will learn nothing. Now if you don’t use the learning in your life then it just become useless. However, everyone must use the learning to come up with his or her own ideas with ideas of others to teach others in the greatest way possible so the leaners can learn well though the two ways possible: writing or speaking. If the knowledge is not taught through efficient communication, then the…

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