Essay on Why I Learned My English Teacher

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Ever since I can remember I’ve always been astonished with the human body, especially the heart. For me, the heart is the most incredible and fascinating organ. It all started when I was introduced to Grey’s Anatomy and House. I would always picture myself in the OR doing heart surgeries. But I always wondered if reality was analogous to my expectations. Then, I spoke to a close friend of mine who is in medical school preparing to become a cardiac surgeon. She told me all about her rounds she has in the hospital, and how she gets to scrub in on surgeries. To add on, she told me reality was actually similar to what I expected. From there on, I always had an interest in cardiothoracics. When I heard our english teacher giving us a project to do on what career paths we wanted to take, I already knew what I wanted to research about. Once I was finished, I was surprised on how much information I gained and what this research led me to find out. To start off, I began researching about cardiac surgeons, in general, and their daily lifestyles. The text I read and annotated gave me all the career and salary facts about heart surgeons. The needed education to reach this goal is 4 years of of bachelor’s degree and 3 to 8 years of residency(Cardiac Surgeons 2). In this article, I found out that heart surgeons spend most of their time in the OR doing various surgeries(Cardiac Surgeons 4). Furthermore, surgeons in their residency year experience everything they have to know in order to…

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