Why I Didn 't Wrong With Selling Drugs Essay

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In the fifth grade, before I culminated, my fifth grade teacher asked our class ,with a kind heart, the only question that can give educators a sense of achievement;"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Of course, the typical answers bounced back and forth:"a lawyer", "a doctor", "an athlete". I thought to myself, "These are all boring careers and won 't allow me to become rich and anyone in life". So when it came to me, I replied "a drug dealer". Jaws dropped but I was more perplexed than they were. Now of course, my teacher scolded me verbally and later met up with me to assure that I change my goal. But there 's nothing wrong with selling drugs. I gain profit and people gain joy. I 'd be the best dealer, assuring my clients that their products are the highest quality in the market and that they receive it as they please. Now, I although I never did participate in any sort of drug exchange, this path would have been very likely for me. My mindset altered during the next three years of my life. In middle school, while my peers were gravitating towards a life permeated with dramatic circumstances, I opted out. Unlike my friends who had their goals set towards receiving the highest amount of likes, I settled for something less imminent. In 2012, I became indulged in the world of computer electronics with Tesla 's debut of the Model S. I was more ecstatic about how the transportation and electronic industries where evolving to better suit us than I was…

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