Why I Didn 't I Succeed Michael Jordan Essay

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I 've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed - Michael Jordan.
This quote relates to me because In my years in high school, I have failed over and over, failing every class but I passed all my classes last year. I started off badly as a freshman failing 6 classes because I never did any of my work. Then sophomore year I got my act together join the baseball, so I would have the motivation to do good in school & get the right grades. At the end of the school year I finished with perfect grades getting A 's in most of my classes. So that 's why the quote would relate to my high school journey so far because I have failed over and over again now finally I have succeeded.

The trends that I see I 'm my transcripts are that I do badly in most of my classes. It 's mainly because I never would want to do my work and never cared to do it. The classes that were the easiest was history and science. History was easy for me because I love to learn about where America has come from and where the world come from and the things that we have done along the way. Science was easy because I like to do labs and learn about different things in the world and the human body. So I never really had a problem with those classes. But the classes that were hard for me was English and Math. Math was always hard for me because I would always get lost with numbers and letters until last year when I had Mr.Alatorre he really made me understand a lot more clearly, so I 'm…

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