Essay on Why I Chose Saint Joseph 's College

1114 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 null Page
Pros and Cons I chose Saint Joseph’s College because I liked the idea of getting individual attention and the small classroom sizes. My parents, both alumni of the College, spoke vehemently about how wonderful the Core program is here. They remembered how much they felt like they learned, and how it allowed them to improve on their speaking and writing abilities. But when I asked them if they were now, some twenty years out of college, still using any of those skills or knowledge they had gained from Core, they said no, not really. Neither of my parents are working at jobs in their degree field and they can’t remember what they wrote their Core 10 major paper on because it means nothing in their world. Often, when I would complain about a professor or a bad Core discussion, they would explain that is just how it is. Some classes are good and some are not. There are pros and cons to all things in life. I feel that the same can be said for Core, some are good and some are bad. My personal experience with the Core program is somewhat skewed as I did not take the traditional track of four years. I was able to skip the first two cores, which are the Contemporary Situations and Modern World sections of the program. Since I was able to bypass the first year of Core studies, my understand of Core is not as holistic as the rest of my classmates. However, this does not hinder my ability to discuss the pros and cons of this program as a whole. I believe the Core program has three…

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