Why I Am Observing Class Essay

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Whether I am observing class or reading Teaching Credential guideline books, one of the most emphasized areas of teaching is the classroom management. And classroom management worthily deserves such emphasis, because discipline codes confine proper educational environment. As I will be teaching high school students, my policies are established according to the general safety and maximum capacity of independent learning. I prioritize creating a place where students feel invited to learn and share what they’ve learned, simultaneously promoting honor towards one another in the class. Certainly, the policies and rules may vary over time, but the fundamentals of safety and respect will remain unalterable. My classroom polices are as follows:
1. Raise your hand before you speak.
2. Ask to go to the restroom. You need to be released with the hall pass.
3. Be kind and respectful to one another; avoid any profanity and discouraging words to your classmates.
4. Turn off your cell phones in the class; all confiscated phones or electronic devices will be sent to the administrator’s office.
5. Use the classroom supplies carefully and put it back when you’re done.
6. Hold your silence while the teacher or presenting student is talking.
7. If you have a suggestion or complaint, talk to your teacher/I.A. after the class.
8. Do cheat, copy, and/or lie.
9. Always give your best efforts; be punctual and prompt.
10. No food or drinks in the classroom; water is allowed in a bottle.
*All rules…

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