Why I Am An Old Hand At Learning Essay

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Explain what the phrase “taking ownership of your learning” means to Well it has taken me a long time, but I am here, taking a course I thought I might never have the chance to.

Reflecting on my careers I realize that I have no 'one thing ', no single purpose in this life.

I have to a great extent went through life backwards, grasping opportunities as they pass and then dive in headlong to learn and experience the 'full monty ' as it were. I expect there will be no epiphany of purpose in the future and have therefore chosen to honour the unstoppable current of learning that has carried me from one life to the next. I choose to be here, for the first time it is not serendipity, but me that is divining purpose from my place.

· Takes ownership of the learning process by setting personal educational goals, and monitoring their own progress.
In many ways I am an old hand at learning however, I am new to this environment and so wish to be pragmatic as I set my goals and objectives. So goal 1) build structure into my learning by first reviewing the Learning Guide and making a completion plan for each task, or the week whichever seems most natural for the task. My pier reviews and professors comments will reflect my progress. I will takle one week at a time and set my objective on the first step of this process which is the completion of the foundation courses. Once that is achieved I can set more lofty objectives like…

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