Essay on Why I Am A Teacher

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My mother always told me “the only thing you have that no one can take away from you is your education.” As a student, I was taught about vocation as well, which is one’s higher purpose in life. In my own words, college is just the epicenter of the big “grind” of life. The decision to be a teacher in 2016 comes from my belief and desire to impact lives in the best way possible; to use methods unconventional, yet very effective to a child’s attention span that I once had. It is my goal to become the teacher that the children won’t say I hate school or never looking forward to the next day of class. As I absorb all the knowledge given to me at the college level, I will slowly mold myself into the best teacher I can be.
In the field of teaching, there are philosophers and figureheads that shaped the education system from the very beginnings to the education system today. One of the education founding fathers is Horace Mann. As a philosopher, politician and the creator of the first board of education in America, Horace Mann played a foundational role in the education system. Horace
Mann had seven theories, the first one being Value. Horace Mann believed that the goals of education surrounded by a set a values that shape students and the teachers themselves. These

goals fall into place with the next theory, Knowledge. In addition to Value, Horace Mann stated that Knowledge equals power, on the basis that knowledge will give a child or adolescent a chance to compete in society at…

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