Why Humans Are The Way We Are Essay

1510 Words May 23rd, 2016 7 Pages
The topic of why humans are the way we are is one that has caused some of the greatest thinkers of human history to spend years pondering. Along with this pondering, questions have risen that has caused many controversies over the years. The questions include things such as “What is the mind?” “Where is it found?” “Why do we experience what we do?” “How do we know what I am seeing and experiencing is the same thing that you are experiencing?” And perhaps one of the biggest questions that has continued to stump thinkers from every discipline “What is Consciousness?” In medical terms it is roughly defined as “not being unconscious,” whereas in a general sense it has been defined as “being aware” or even just “being awake.” And while there have been many attempts at defining it for various purposes, the consensus on what consciousness really is still out. This lack of a consensus has not stopped the ever growing pursuit of figuring out exactly what conscious is, and much like when scientists research other topics of interest, the exploration of consciousness has led to many more questions far past that of the original one to be looked at. Questions such as “Are animals conscious?” “When does consciousness come about?” “Are infants and young children conscious?” “Do developing fetuses experience consciousness?” And perhaps one of the most perplexing and interesting question that has arisen alongside this quest of determining what consciousness with the advancement of…

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