Why Health Care Workers Do Or Do Not Get Immunized With The Influenza Vaccine

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Jamie Mendez
Ms. Cowart
ENGL 1301
Sept. 4, 2015
Summary/Analysis Essay There are many reasons as to why health care workers do or do not get immunized with the influenza vaccine. The article “Requiring influenza vaccination for health care workers: seven truths we must accept”, written by G. A. Poland, P. Tosh, and R. M. Jacobson identifies seven reasons why it is imperative to require all health care employees to receive the vaccine.(Poland, Gregory A.; Tosh, Pritish; Jacobson, Robert M. 2251) The article attempts to persuade the health care system and health care workers that the influenza vaccine prevents influenza infections and death among the patients they care for, improves patient and employee safety, and is cost effective. This essay will analyze the seven principles written in the article and determine if the authors present enough evidence to support their theory.
Death Rate of Influenza High influenza morbidity and mortality rates are clearly supported by evidence and statistics pulled from six different credible sources. This paragraph identifies facts and statistics that cannot be argued. One reference compares the mortality rate between influenza and breast cancer. (Poland, Gregory A.; Tosh, Pritish; Jacobson, Robert M. 2252) This comparison plays on the emotions of the audience in order to persuade and establish trust with the audience. Using…

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