Why Green ( Sustainable ) Transportation Is Such An Important Issue

1054 Words Apr 5th, 2016 null Page
. This is why Green (sustainable) transportation is such an important issue. With more environmentally safe fuels and resources being used, there would be less of a negative effect on our environments around the world and the ocean could’ve avoided having these pockets where sea life could no longer strive. Another contributor to the crisis in the water supply is the amount of acid rain that falls from the sky. Too much of acid water can inhibit plant growth and create soil damage that wouldn’t be able to be repaired until eons pass. Oil also contributes with a much higher cost and oil is leaked by shipping, drilling, laying pipeline, and moving the substance. Oil removes the insulating ability of fur-coated mammals, and the water repellency of bird’s feathers, which exposes the creatures to harsh elements. This damages and kills animals and also harms the Earth we live on. Alternate sources for fueling could and can fix those things that have been harmed. The near-term future developments of Green, or sustainable, transportation is how ships are now able to use solar and wind power for cleaner shipping, biofuels are also being created for cleaner means of transportation, containers are also being created so they are more environmentally friendly, and there are actual microbes that will eat the oil that have leaked out into the oceans. There are also automobiles that are being developed that are environmentally safe that cut back on diesel, use only biofuel, and also…

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