Why Gmo Labeling Should Exist Essay

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An Inconsistent Truth: Why GMO Labeling Should Exist Our earth is a nourishing environment filled with many different ecosystems. We can find life in every corner of the world; from the deepest parts of the ocean to the highest parts of the mountains. As an example of diversity, we need not look any further than our own species. Humans are capable of living in many different environments, such as Central Africa and the frigid climate of Greenland. Our bodies are able to adapt to many things and this is what has helped our species thrive for so long. Regardless of how adaptable we are, we all need food to replenish our bodies after a long day of living. As essential as food may be to our lives, many of us don’t think about what our food really is. It may come as a shock that much of our food supply is tainted with chemicals that continuously make us sick and fatigued, and there’s more of it than you think. It’s important to keep these chemicals from reaching our food until we can do further research on possible side effects, because over a long period of time, these changes in our food may bring negative biological changes to future generations. With the unprecedented growth that we have seen in our world’s population we have had to find innovative ways to feed more people. Some of these innovations include modifying natural produce to grow more efficiently. The first time this has been done was in ancient China When farmers were trying to find a way to reduce the amount of…

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