Why Genetic Engineering Should Not Be Used?

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Why Genetic Engineering should not be used The main concern of most all the people who oppose genetic modification is the idea that it is unsafe to use in really any form, that there is not enough testing, and that anything that isn’t natural is bad to use. This thinking by most people have little to nothing to go on, except for that they don’t like the idea of putting altered food into their bodies. Really, one of the only reason a majority of people oppose genetic modification is because there is so much negative propaganda that isn’t even true, they usually do little to no research into genetic modification and take what they hear at face value. The reason for these blind accusations can best be described by a quote form (Joseph Gobbels), …show more content…
To be able to answer that, it must be know what Gods plan for the world was since the creation. According to (Genesis 1:28; 2:15-16), God has given the Earth to man to look after and maintain. As well as that man is allowed to eat of any tree that was in the garden except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 1:28; 2:15-16). This statement means that man was made responsible for all life on earth, and was made man’s job to take care of it. With that in mind, it would also mean that if something when wrong in the world it would be man’s responsibility to care to it. For instance man’s sin caused death to enter the world and caused the genetic coding of all life to become messed up. If man was made the caretakers of the world, then shouldn’t it be man’s job to try to fix the problems that their sins cause. And to try and bring the world back to its original state of prosperity by improving animals and plants to be better able to survive in it. And as said by gotquestions.org (n a) man should be able to use any scientific advancements that can be used for the betterment of …show more content…
As said by Green L. (2013), it is estimated that in 2050 the global population would reach nine billion people (Green L., 2013, t. 1:13). If the world’s current farming rate would stay the same till 2050, the world would not have enough food to be able to feed everyone on it. Also if genetic modification of crops and animals were to be taken away, the world would not even come close to producing enough food. Genetic modification is going to be an extraordinarily essential tool for mass crop production to be able to feed al of the people. Also genetic modification of crops will allow them to be able to be planted in new regions of the world. Allowing for cheaper transport of the food and decrease in global

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